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2 kill 4 profit.

so let me get this straight. Marjorie diehl armstrong, asks her fishing buddy to kill her father. He demands money for this but she's broke so comes up with the brilliant scheme to rob a bank. She tells her boyfriend and kills him because he has a brain and is smart. And decides to go through with the elaborate plan of holding up a bank with a human bomb. Her idea. Rob the bank, get the money, pay off the fishing buddy to kill daddy dearest. (for his own money) .... Kills boyfriend...goes through with bank scheme, blows up poor pizza guy...still doesn't have money to pay to kill father. ..... Kills boyfriend...wants to hire fishing buddy for a lot of money so he could kill her father. ... does anyone see the stupidity here? Who hires someone to kill? Some who is afraid to kill, or don't want to get caught. But she already killed, very easily. Why not just kill the father yourself? ....oh well her stupidity still made for an interesting read. It's really sad what hap…

Short Excerpts:

The short story excerpts are from my very own stories. I hold them close and dear to me. I hope you enjoy reading as much as i enjoyed writing.

Series : The Beginning'z'
The Awakening:
“Alice, wake up!” I turned over. ALICE!” “WHAT?” “Wake up; we have to pack, NOW!” Eyebrows knitted together I glared up at my twenty four year old cousin. “What the hell is wrong with you Rita, I have the day off today remember?” “That’s not the problem, here take this, pack a bag, only your essentials, we need to move now.” Confused, I watched her dash out my bedroom door. “…The hell?” Yawning I pushed the duffel to a side and rose from my queen sized bed. “Damn I’m so tired” I stretched “…what time is it?” Frowning I tapped my kitty alarm clock. 12:05 am blinked in frozen status.   “That can’t be right.” I fumbled through my vanity draws, “where is it?”, and pushed through woolen blankets on the bed. “Arghh where is it!” Getting up from my knees I yelled out the door. “ Rita have you seen …

Wearing a dress.

When I was five I  adamantly decided, against my mothers wishes, to being a girl.
My reason?  We already had one girl, why not let me be a boy?
Of course that argument took on a life of it's own as I grew older. Fluffy frills, barbie dolls, pink dresses, hair accessories...  the works.
 And for all her efforts, I remained steadfast in my avid view, that boy's toys and clothes where better.
I enjoyed playing with water pistols and remote control cars, so why couldn't I receive such gifts during Xmas and birthdays?
Alas, no matter how hard I pushed my reasoning, I  always got the dreaded "shudder"female things.
Now as an adult I must admit...things haven't really changed. I still enjoy a good blood bath movie, added with delightful gore and intense mind games. I can still pick up a water pistol in glee and throw stones with the best of them. I never gained the hang of climbing coconut tree's, but I can still play in the dirt with my pets.
That being said, I also g…

Ramblings of a lost mind.

Your heart is beating, slowly ever faster. Each sound vibrates within your ear louder and louder until all you can hear is the crying of your own soul. No one understands you. Not your family, not your friends not your neighbors or church members. The mirage in front of you is cracked in the middle, so your face is distorted to a view that only few can understand.  What is this thing called life? A transient butterfly, formulated for only a brief moment. Cocooned in a vast ignorance of morphed tranquility. You bring it to your lips. you only need to swallow. But at what price? What price must you continuously lose your humanity.  Humanity? that is a question isn't it? Repulsive, faded wretched bushels of tears, blood and sweat. The only thing by which a person’s worth now revised into green. Paper green. Is for this we have sold our souls? In the end what do redeem ourselves from? Questions, questions only questions, from a rabid mind. You bring it to your lips, yes...but do you swa…
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River side

It is peaceful. Art created by his hands. Tentatively shaped and morphed. a silent evolution of the grand design, paled in no other way but by mans destruction. Yet not even man can stop nature when it's ready to move. Every time i visit this place, it soothes my heart. (the sun might be hot) but the water is cool and inviting. A nice picnic or family outing on the sands, can make this or any other "good weather day" complete. The ocean is a tad bit to dangerous to swim in (the currant is to strong) but the river next to it, is perfect for a refreshing swim and exercise. (just be careful the fish don't bite ;) )


A new day has begun and I have entered the world of blogging. Dear lord help us. I feel like a babe in a new world. Grant it, it's also terribly exciting. I can post...well just about anything. My own public diary and forum to speak my mind and shoot out creativity from my finger tips. Let the games begin!