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whiteflag cover song

4women cover song

skyfall cover song

another cover i did.

Adding blog widget to SSL secured sites

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the following are a couple of blogs i found interesting.

Man Up (Full Movie) (@ReachLife) (@116Clique) (@ReachRecords)

and the work is continuing, finally putting the finishing pieces of poetry together, will have to start or should i say continue with one of the books. One step at a time.

Cover_fly me to the moon (+playlist)

Joined instagram, can't believe i listened to her. Still it's an opening to interesting pictures and people so it's not that bad. i'm finally finishing up my poetry. hopefully they can be compiled into a mini book and sent out to the public. it's sure was fun and therapeutic to write. Once i get of the horse of procrastination i'm heading back into the fold of mystery, wizardry and awe. on a different note one of the seeds i planted started to take route. will have to take pictures. Can't believe it started to grow, hope it continues and becomes a healthy productive plant.

for the heart

A peace within my soul, And time doeth unfold, A lost forsaken cry, Burdened drawn a neigh. Is the world’s cruel cross a blaze? Driven far, from her gaze? Who’s blood did you thus shed? Upon the breaking of unleavened bread? Judus is thine name, Forever hide thine head in shame. A whitened sinned stained robe Covered across thy earthly globe. For you my tears doth shed, For you I remained not dead. Peace be unto you, Whoever doest taketh it and stand true, For, your heavenly father, Loves You.

Silk Cotton Seedling: Sounds of Korea in Grenada 2013

Silk Cotton Seedling: Sounds of Korea in Grenada 2013: Those of you who know me well will know that i am absolutely smitten by South Korean culture and even more so the language. So when i heard ...
Must check out!

She Must Be New: Musing :: Style : Midnight Moon

She Must Be New: Musing :: Style : Midnight Moon: I bought this dress and i love it so much!! It does not fit perfectly but that's okay it makes me perfectly happy as it helps feed...
For a while i'll post blogs that i think is worth checking out. Be it, creative inspiration or good old fashion curiosity, or impressive advice, these are the blogs that i think rocks!



Color Part4

Tips: Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Ways to Earn Easy Cash

amazon gift cards

free amazon gift card Amazon gift cards are used to choose from millions of products on Instagc is such a place where you can obtain these cards, for just a bit of your time. (must be a bit computer literate) All in all this is a fun easy site and with some time an effort you can obtain your rewards.

Simply Southern Couponers 10,000 Fan Celebratio...

From The Waiting Room To The Therapist's Office...

From The Waiting Room To The Therapist's Office...: by

Want me in The Looney Tunes Show? :)

Want me in The Looney Tunes Show? :): by

The World’s Top 10 Best Pictures of Angry Easte...

What is Tai Chi? And is that how it's spelled?

What is Tai Chi? And is that how it's spelled?: by

Self-Published Language Learning Materials

Self-Published Language Learning Materials: by

Learning to Leap (Photos)

Learning to Leap (Photos): by

New day-night?

So after a long night I've decided that certain mattresses just isn't for me. Which is? well that's another question all together, but firm or not to firm (does that even make sense?) is not for me. Neck and back is killing me, not to complain but it is. My solution? Sleep on the floor or go and hunt for something to eradicate my pain filled nights.

On another note my writings will continue. Colour is finished and i'll move on to another short story. Who ever said writing was easy needed a good shake up side the head.

Color Part Three

Color Part Three part 3 out


Colossians 2:16-17 cleared up

Colossians 2:16-17: Are God's Laws Obsolete? Many people assume from Colossians 2:16-17

 that Paul is saying that God's laws about the Sabbath, Holy Days and clean and unclean meats are no longer necessary. "Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days . . ." he wrote (KJV). Let's examine these verses' context and historic setting to see if they support that view. Did Paul intend to say that God's laws are abolished? If so, we find some immediate problems. If this is what he meant, it's difficult to explain why he left the issue so muddled by not clearly stating that these practices were unnecessary. After all, the Colossian church was primarily gentile (Colossians 2:13
), so Paul could have used this epistle to make it plain that these practices were not binding on Christians. However, Paul nowhere said that. Instead, regarding the practices of festivals, new moons and Sab…

Fitful sleep

so a new day a new story. A frigging apocalyptic account of the destruction in my head. I'm tired and in pain, i feel like my soul i being raped for the core. Maybe this is why i write, to soothe it in some way. Or maybe i do, to feed some form of my own vanity. Who really cares, i just do it because i can.
Nevertheless i'm stuck in an endless void, in rampant decay, ragged, bleeding, and worn out. Fucking medication withdrawal symptoms. Is this what hell truly feels like. The tears feel like lime on raw skin, emotions feel like inhaling salt. I'm so tired i don't know what's left.
Prayer seems to be the only real thing in my life. This earth is so sick infested i vomit at the tought of it. It should end, hurriedly  in one fail swoope humans should hurry up and play their path so my God can come. I'm sick of waiting, sick of this endless lullaby. No matter what words that are spoken they are just endless lies anyways. Except When God speaks it, so cool to my ac…