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Greeting Homemade Cards a Touch of Home

Ever since I first saw my first big-kick and the like, I fell in love with the world of crafting. As time passes I haven't changed my mind. When you craft you can create a world of your own, the same as painting. Within that world, people can partake and enjoy of unique experiences. When you live in a world that mass produces at fast rate things that everyone else can have, it's nice to see crafters and artists and photographers and the ilk, bring forth pieces that aren't mass produced. Things that are made with love and care and one-of-a-kind.

World of Art Craft

Decided  it was time to post again.
Created a few more handmade cards. They're so much fun to make. Crafting is a world on its own. Tiring and at times stressful. But a good stressful. It's a feeling of pure bliss when that particular craft is finished.
Some of the pictures within the collage aren't cards but paintings,

New logo and business cards.

It took me a few hours but I've finally found my logo. There's so many to choose from but with a budget beggars really can't be choosers. Still, I worked on it and I'm not very computer savvy.
"That'll do logo that'll do."
(yes I did just reference babe 😀)

As for my business cards still tweaking it but it's getting there, will update once I'm done.


Nature Hike

A while back decided to do an impromptu nature drive with my other half. The sun was blazing (which I didn't like) but the view made me realize the need to enjoy the little things we take for granted.

Handmade Cards for all occasions

Had these atDee's School and Stationery Supplies. Some were already sold. So excited. Still working out the kinks in pricing and what not but it's a start. And I really do enjoy making them. 😁

Handmade Greeting Cards

Quite a few people died some time back a little too frequent for comfort. I remembered losing my mom and wondered what type of cards would I or others like to receive. Nothing can cover a hole like a loss but showing you care sure helps.😿

On a total creating binge right now. The more I learn the more I want to create. The more I want to see people enjoying my creations. It's a never ending cycle. The bags were fun to paint and embellish. I hope their owners would enjoy them to their fullest potential. 


Handmade cards and bags.

Card Collection

On a completely random note, I'm thinking about starting vlogging.  I mean other than being incredibly shy and terrified of crowds how hard can it be to sit in front of the camera and discuss life? ....oh boy....(v.v)

Plan on taking more pictures to, need to go out more, travel, even if it's from around my island. After all, life is short and with the way the world is spinning out of control, might as well enjoy it while I still can.


Ah the world of knitting, the learning of stitches and patience as you work the needle to a frenzied or in my case slow pace. And formulate a pattern in your head into reality. Strange how a tedious practice can also make you feel rewarded and strangely satisfied.

watercolor bookmarks

Did these some time back but hadn't gone around posting them. (yes I'm a horrible blogger but I am learning)

Speaking of learning I'm starting on some new tricks. Who'd have thunk knitting could be so blissful?

Art Breathes Life

Instagram live and kicking.
Art really helps the creative juices flowing. Makes me want to break out the brushes and pen and paper and throw out the ideas bottled within my mind. The feeling is rather exhilarating.
Now if only I could write music things would be perfect. Oh well, at least, I can sing what is in my head.

On a side note, I really should get my new stuff on here but not until I get better pictures.
Been very busy lately, in the middle of new work, new crafts and a brand new and wonderful adventure. December can't come fast enough.