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On a completely random note, I'm thinking about starting vlogging.  I mean other than being incredibly shy and terrified of crowds how hard can it be to sit in front of the camera and discuss life? ....oh boy....(v.v)

Plan on taking more pictures to, need to go out more, travel, even if it's from around my island. After all, life is short and with the way the world is spinning out of control, might as well enjoy it while I still can.


Ah the world of knitting, the learning of stitches and patience as you work the needle to a frenzied or in my case slow pace. And formulate a pattern in your head into reality. Strange how a tedious practice can also make you feel rewarded and strangely satisfied.

watercolor bookmarks

Did these some time back but hadn't gone around posting them. (yes I'm a horrible blogger but I am learning)

Speaking of learning I'm starting on some new tricks. Who'd have thunk knitting could be so blissful?