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Went on an adventure a few days back and totally low-keyed stalked a few of nature's finest. Some of the birds weren't having it though. When leaving one of them flew in front of me. Guess I forgot to pay up in bird grub. Oh well. The rest of the view was scenic and peaceful. I do enjoy my island, a small paradise away from pollution where you can just relax. 


Hair accessories and sewing have seen become my new obsession of late. Seeing all the different combo's I can put together and create get's my creative juices flowing. Sometimes with all the busyness happening all around, a little quiet time makes things pleasant. 

What a year.

This year has been interesting, to say the least. I created new cards, worked on tile coasters, bags, and magnets. Meanwhile, mother nature had been busy herself. I've lost track on how many hurricanes have passed through the Caribbean waters. So far we are on hurricane Maria. Will this year be a year where all the names are called or will nature give us a break? Time will tell.

While planning my craft projects I'm also working on projects around the house. On specific project has to do with the seating outside. I'll have to make a post on that one soon when I get started. Till then here are some of the new crafts created.

Moonlight Inspirations

It's been a while since I felt the need to write. Tonight, I really felt that need. The words did not want to stay put.

Added them to my poems and stories page.

Getting back to painting

Sometimes when you're overly frustrated, painting helps.

Story in the making? Writers block? Magnets?

I need to start back writing but being so long with writer's block it's starting to become a humorless tragedy than just a short break. I know you're supposed to just keep writing regardless......I'm not one to do what I'm supposed to.  Ah well, life would be boring without challenges I suppose.

Interestingly enough it seems my writer's side was taken over by my crafter's side.

Spent hours on some magnets. I think they're cute.  What do you think?

Grenada's Independance

Pretty soon Grenada's gonna have its independence day. The 7th of February to be exact and that's when the colors come out to play. Children go out to march, their parents and teachers next or near them and most if not all Grenadian find a way to be patriotic. It'll be interesting to see what this year brings.

New Year New Possabilites

2017 was a welcomed site for most who became disenchanted with 2016.
New experiences both good and bad rides on the horizon and we each have choices that guides of continued path and destiny. Where will those choices lead? Who knows, but it's one heck of a ride.

On a creative note, this year ushers in new ideas and possibilities. Can't wait to get started. 😎

To everyone on their own journies. Stay strong, keep the faith, don't lose sight of who you are or what you stand for and remember you are not alone.✌